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DSL Packages

Double Platinum

  • 20Mbps Download
  • 1Mbps Upload
  • 2-Email Addresses
  • FREE Installation**


  • 10Mbps Download
  • 1Mbps Upload
  • 2-Email Addresses
  • FREE Installation**


  • 5Mbps Download
  • 768k Upload
  • 2-Email Addresses
  • FREE Installation**


  • 3 Mbps Download
  • 768 Kbps Uplaod
  • 2-Email Addresses
  • FREE Installation**


  • 1.5 Mbps Download
  • 768 Kbps Upload
  • 2-Email Addresses
  • FREE Installation**

*Prices shown, reflect a $10.00 discount in addition to charges for telephone service with taxes and surcharges excluded. Free installation based on 12-month agreement. Without 12-month agreement, installation charge of $100.00 will be assessed. Other restrictions apply. Call for more information.

Public IP Addresses Available on Request.

Service Order Charge on all cable/DSL orders $25.00

12 MONTH TERM AGREEMENT – When signing a ’12 month term agreement’, Customers will be committed to maintaining DSL service for 12 months. If the customer fails to complete the full 12 month agreement he or she is responsible for the installation charges after the initial 30 days. If the customer does not complete the 12 month agreement, the installation charge of $100.00 will be billed on a prorated amount when at the termination of service occurs. (Either the customer initiated or LLTC initiated) All remaining charges for the DSL service from the installation date are due in full at the time that service is terminated.

All equipment that was placed with the service at the customer premise (modem & accessories) is the property of LLTC and is required to be returned to LLTC at the termination of service. If such equipment is not returned promptly a fee of $75.00 per unit will be billed to the customer’s final bill.

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Customer Premise Requirements

Customer’s computer and/or home must meet certain minimum requirements in order to access Lake Livingston Telephone Company’s Interent service. Customer must have:

An acceptable Network Interface Card (10/100 Ethernet) installed in your computer.
Acceptable wiring to your computer jack. (Pre-qualifying premise visit may be required). Wiring in each home is different and may or may not require rewiring. The cost of the inside wiring is the responsibility of the customer. LLTC will do the wiring if necessary at the normal wiring rate of $45 per hour, which includes materials.

In the event a customer’s desktop computer doesn’t meet the above requirements, Lake Livingston Telephon can supply an acceptable Network Interface Card with a one-year manufacturers warranty on the card. Price of the card is $45 plus an installation cost of $75.00.**

We will be happy to discuss any situation with the customer and provide a DSL solution for your needs.

* Equipment provided to the customer during the introductory period is the property of LLTC. At the time of disconnection, the equipment must be returned to LLTC. If the equipment is not returned, the customer will be billed $255 for the DSL Modem and $45 for the splitter.

**LLTC will not be responsible for any data loss to your computer during installation process.