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Skitter TV is television service available through Lake Livingston Telephone Company (LLTC). Skitter TV is IPTV (Internet protocol television) and runs over your existing phone line. This means that by installing Skitter TV hardware in your home, you can stream live TV using your new or existing connection. Skitter TV offers a wide array of video programming, including the most popular major networks! Skitter TV also includes local channels to keep you informed of what’s happening in your neighborhood.

Skitter TV Select

  • Over 20 HD Channels

Skitter TV Prime

  • Over 30 HD Channels

Set Top Box (STB)             $5.95

Includes Pause/Rewind/Fast Forward
Each TV must have a set top box

Whole Home DVR              $12.95

Pause/Rewind/Fast Forward
Watch your recordings from any TV where a set top box is located!

DVR                                    $9.95

Record your favorite shows and watch them anytime!

Premium Channels

STARZ                                          $12.00
STARZENCORE                             $7.00
STARZ & STARZENCORE           $17.00
HBO                                                   $21.00
Cinemax                                            $19.00
HBO & Cinemax                              $38.00
All 4 Premium Packages                $53.00