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Caller ID Caller ID Blocking Selective Call Rejection
Calling Name Delivery Selective Call Forwarding Automatice Recall
Distinctive Ringing Automatic Call Back Customer Originated Trace
Call Waiting Cancel Call Waiting Call Forwarding
Three-Way Calling Selective Call Acceptance Anonymous Call Rejection
Speed Dialing Do Not Disturb Teen Service
Warm Line Caller ID Per Line Blocking

LLCI Long Distance Services

Lake Livingston Communications, Inc. Unlimited Long Distance $30.95 per month
LLCI Unlimited Long Distance (contiguous 48 states) available with any Data Plan @ $28.95 per month
Offshore and Domestic long distance rates available call local office for details
Alaska, Hawaii, Midway Islands, Puerto Rico, American Sammoa, Virgin Islands,
Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Palua, Guam
World Wide International Calling available call local office for rates per country